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Price of Oil Drops to $40 a Barrel: Will Consumers Benefit?

As the price of oil reaches a six-and-a-half year low, longtime NPR host Robert Seigel recently raised a pertinent question: “If oil is the lifeblood of the economy, then when, if ever, will the price decline flow down through the economy’s capillaries into stores and supermarkets and household budgets?” Seigel explores this issue with economic […]

When It Comes to Offshore Drilling, Emotions Shouldn’t Rule Over Sound Science

By Bill Crowther July 28, 2015 Moving forward with seismic surveying off South Carolina’s coast is the right decision. It’s a decision guided by sound science, in the best interest of the economy and backed by strong, bipartisan support. For the first time in 40 years, South Carolina has the opportunity to better understand what […]

Subcommittee Debunks Seismic Scare Tactics

The U.S. House Committee on Natural Resources recently held a hearing on the delays and lack of transparency surrounding the federal permitting process for seismic surveying in the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf (OCS).  This surveying is critical to guide decisions about offshore energy exploration.  Following the hearing, the Committee released the following important information: Since […]

Letter: Advance Offshore Drilling

I agree with Rep. Mark Sanford on almost everything and think he serves us well in the 1st Congressional District. However, I disagree with his position opposing offshore drilling for oil and natural gas. Rep. Sanford introduced an amendment to the Interior and Environment appropriations bill that would prevent the Department of the Interior from […]

A Prosperous Future for South Carolina Lies Offshore

Joining forces in a recent Op-ed, Vets4Energy Chairman and retired Rear Admiral William Schachte and Atlantic Energy Alliance President William Crowther present a strong case for offshore development on South Carolina’s coast.  Emphasizing the potential for economic growth in our state, they write: According to the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), the OCS […]

Seismic Mapping Safety: What Does the Science Say?

Offshore energy exploration happens in 2 key steps: First, comes “geological and geophysical” mapping (or G&G as it’s known). Using controlled seismic bursts, ships provide detailed sonogram images of what is under the seabed. Second comes any future leasing permits to actually develop the resources if they are there – a completely separate process. G&G […]

Carolinas Regulators Clear First Permits for Oil Surveys

We have some great news for the Carolinas this week. Regulators have approved permits (with conditions) for companies to begin seismic testing for energy. This is an important step for South Carolina to pursue its offshore opportunity. According to the Associated Press: The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control last week certified a permit […]

Offshore Testing Not the Danger to Sea Life Many Claim

In a letter to The Sun-News, University of South Carolina Professor James Knapp addressed the common misconception that marine seismic surveying poses a deadly threat to sea creatures. With opponents of offshore exploration spreading false information in order to sway public opinion, we must look at the data, wrote Dr. Knapp. And the data tells us that injuries […]

Choose Energy Security for America – and South Carolina

It’s not just the Palmetto economy that would be strengthened through offshore exploration. The security of our country could be improved as well. And when a Navy veteran writes about the national security implications of offshore energy development, you listen. William Schachte Jr., who is a retired rear admiral, made valuable points in his recent op-ed in […]

S.C. Energy Prosperity is ‘Just Over the Horizon’

Over the weekend, U.S. Representative Jeff Duncan (SC-03) co-authored an opinion piece in The Post and Courier explaining how offshore energy development would impact the Palmetto State. While detractors have claimed that rigs off South Carolina’s shores would only benefit oil companies, the authors explain why that’s simply not true: One thing is for certain: South Carolina needs jobs and […]