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Letter: Advance Offshore Drilling

I agree with Rep. Mark Sanford on almost everything and think he serves us well in the 1st Congressional District. However, I disagree with his position opposing offshore drilling for oil and natural gas.

Rep. Sanford introduced an amendment to the Interior and Environment appropriations bill that would prevent the Department of the Interior from granting a drilling lease in a region off the coastlines of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

The Palmetto Promise Institute has research showing that offshore drilling would create 46,000 jobs and have a $2.7 billion economic impact by 2035. Polling shows that 71 percent of South Carolinians support drilling off of our coastline.

The drill rigs would be at least 50 miles off of our coastline at a water depth of around 600 feet. They would not industrialize our coast like many environmentalists claim. Construction of a Liquefied Natural Gas terminal at the Port of Georgetown would enable us to ship natural gas around the world.

More energy development will also lower our energy costs and improve our standard of living.

John Steinberger
Edinburgh Road

Originally published in The Post and Courier on July 21, 2015.