Opportunity is knocking in the Palmetto State.

Learn how South Carolina can generate 46,000 new jobs and encourage $2.7 billion in new investment in the state’s economy.

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“South Carolina taxpayers and our Palmetto State economy will be the winners when we finally have full access to these resources.”
SC Representative Alan Clemmons (SC House of Representatives, Horry County) for Offshore Opportunity

Alan Clemmons

SC House of Representatives, Horry County
“Energy independence is a key ingredient for our country's competitiveness and in order to achieve this, we must explore all of our energy resources.”
U.S. Representative Tom Rice (SC-07) for Offshore Opportunity

Tom Rice

U.S. Representative (SC-07)
“Production in our own backyard is not only safer … it can also protect Americans from volatile changes to the price of gas...”
U.S. Representative Jeff Duncan (SC-02) for Offshore Opportunity

Jeff Duncan

U.S. Representative (SC-03)
“This report highlights the benefits that are right at our fingertips if allowed to explore these resources. I commend [PPI] on its efforts…”
U.S. Representative Joe Wilson (SC-02) for Offshore Opportunity

Joe Wilson

U.S. Representative (SC-02)
“Seismic mapping will better inform any potential options for energy production ... this report shows how we can proceed to benefit all of South Carolina.”
U.S. Senator Tim Scott for Offshore Opportunity

Tim Scott

U.S. Senator (SC)
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Offshore energy exploration would be a boon to the South Carolina economy.

Our study found that offshore oil and gas development could bring as much as $2.7 billion of direct investment and nearly 46,000 new jobs to the state by 2035. Investments would include the purchasing of capital equipment, engineering services, construction services, and other services from nationwide, state, and local companies. Those companies would then stimulate indirect investments down the supply line, creating jobs and income for South Carolina families.


The vast majority of South Carolinians support offshore energy exploration.

A recent survey of South Carolinians indicates that 71 percent of our citizens support offshore oil and natural gas development. Our study shows that the ratio of benefits to costs far outweighs possible potential risk, and concludes that South Carolina could be the second biggest beneficiary of the Atlantic-based energy boom.


Modern energy exploration techniques don’t threaten wildlife.

There is no evidence that seismic instruments have injured animals. That’s because research vessels follow strict safety protocols, sending out less powerful signals before actual seismic tests. These signals serve as a warning to dolphins, whales, and other sea creatures to steer clear as scientists map the size and location of offshore resources.


Oil rigs wouldn’t be visible from South Carolina beaches.

At 50 to 100 miles offshore, oil rigs would be well beyond sight from the beach (for a 6 foot tall beachgoer, the horizon is about 3 miles away) and wouldn’t affect tourism. The Palmetto State’s scenic beauty would be preserved, with major onshore infrastructure centering around existing development, such as our ports.


The United States is still too dependent on foreign oil.

Today, America produces more and imports less oil and natural gas than in years past. Still, we are ignoring 87 percent of our own offshore acreage, and with outdated maps in hand, we can’t be sure what’s out there. To shield ourselves from unpredictable world events in Russia, South America, and the Middle East, we must become truly energy independent. To do so, we must maximize the areas of exploration to improve the odds of finding secure resources.

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